The mission of Mental Health Resources is to foster hope, health and recovery for those affected by mental illness.

Philosophy of care

MHR believes that people with mental illness can lead full lives in the community. We challenge ourselves and the larger community to address barriers that inhibit their independence, growth and recovery.


With state hospitals closing in the 1970s, adults with serious mental illness began to live independently in the community. Case management and care coordination were born out of the need for community-based services for these individuals. Mental Health Resources (MHR), then known as Sharing Life in the Community, was incorporated in 1976 as a pilot project to holistically serve people with serious and persistent mental illness in the community. Throughout the past 40 years, MHR and many other agencies have provided these services, acting as first line contact for adults who need ongoing support.

We see ‘change’ as a verb and at Mental Health Resources we take intentional action to design a path for the future where we continue to provide the best community-based services to persons recovering from mental illness.
— Kathy Gregersen, MHR’s Executive Director

How we accomplish our Mission

MHR collaborates with clients and families to facilitate learning and growth for individuals, families and the community and foster empowerment and expectation of success.


MHR will be an innovator and premier provider of recovery-based, behavioral health services in the metropolitan area. In adapting to the changing environment, MHR and its collaborators will develop innovative approaches to recovery-based services that demonstrate measurable outcomes for improving the lives of those affected by mental illness.


  • Integrity in our work with clients, their families, our colleagues and wherever we represent MHR in the community.
  • The dignity of our clients and each other in our work for MHR.
  • Professional competence that guides our actions and interactions with clients and others in the community.
  • Multicultural awareness and competence that guides our actions and interactions with clients and others in the community.
  • Compassion for our clients, our colleagues, and ourselves, and we encourage this practice in the broader community.
  • Innovation in developing programs and services aligned with our Mission.
  • A culture that uses measurable outcomes to continuously learn and improve while being accountable to clients, funders, the community and ourselves.