Who We Serve

MHR provides case management and care coordination services for adults with serious mental illness (schizophrenia, bipolar disorder, major depression, schizoaffective disorder, and borderline personality disorder) who often shoulder the burdens of chemical dependence, physical illness, unemployment, homelessness, poverty, cognitive impairments/dementia, a history of violence or trauma, and/or involvement with the legal system.

People we work with often struggle in daily life with these conditions. Our staff works with individuals, families and groups to build on each person’s strengths to live a stable, safe and independent life in the community.

MHR believes each interaction with a person is part of a partnership between him or her and our staff. Each person we work with builds his or her own treatment goals and receives support from our staff to achieve those goals. While engaging with individuals, MHR also focuses on connections to needed medical and other services. To build each person’s confidence and increase independence, the majority of our services are delivered in the person’s home or in the community.