Training & Education

Preparing our staff with a substantial foundation in trauma informed care will prove essential to success throughout their career.
— Michelle Gricus, MHR’s Training & Staff Development Coordinator

MHR takes pride in the breadth and depth of its employee training program. Here are some of the components of our training program.

  • MHR’s comprehensive orientation program provides information to new hires on the areas of greatest importance in serving our clients with complex needs.
  • MHR employs a full-time Training and Employee Development Coordinator, whose responsibilities include providing and coordinating training on best practices in client care and other relevant topics in the field of mental and chemical health. All in-person training opportunities are grounded in adult learning theory and include opportunities for practicing skills, discussion, and interaction.
  • All employees whose jobs require clinical client contact are trained in Motivational Interviewing. There is an initial, two-day training on the Basics, and monthly Coaching Circles offered at various MHR sites for staff to hone their skills and practice with peers. Supervisors are also offered a Coaching Circle, where skills specific to management and leadership are practiced through the Motivational Interviewing lens.
  • MHR understands that not everyone’s training needs are the same. MHR provides opportunities for online learning through our Learning Management System where employees can learn at their own pace and when it is most convenient for them, in-person agency events, team “boosters,” and one-on-one coaching.
  • For those staff requiring additional assistance in the area of documentation, a monthly Documentation Study Hall is provided for coaching.