Housing Voucher Program

MHR administers 879 housing vouchers in the 7-county metro area for individuals living with mental illness, chemical dependency and other disabilities.  These rental assistance subsidies are from a variety of sources including HUD SHP (Ramsey, Anoka, Dakota and Hennepin Counties), Bridges, Section 8, Housing Trust Fund and Ramsey Supportive Housing Voucher.

MHR Housing Information Line: 651-659-2942

Marcus’ Story

When Marcus came to MHR, he had been homeless and sleeping in shelters for three years. He was using cocaine; had serious medical concerns including a recent seizure, nerve pain/weakness in hands, and diabetes; and significant difficulties with emotion regulation that lead to probation. In our first meetings with Marcus, MHR staff visited in pairs for safety. He had no relationship with his son and had a strained family relationship.

Marcus has maintained his current apartment for one year, been sober from cocaine for 16 months, and has completed probation. In this time, he completed anger management classes and uses this information and tool daily to regulate his anger. He is no longer seen by MHR staff in pairs and seeks regular medical care for his illnesses. Recently, Marcus connected with MHR’s Mental Health Outreach Clinic (MHOC) for individual therapy. His relationship with his family has improved significantly and he now considers his family a primary support. Marcus has recently been approved for visitation with his son and is working towards custody.