Special Needs Basic Care (SNBC)

SNBC provides care coordination to over 1,800 consumers who have a diagnosis of a mental health, physical health or developmental disability. Care Coordinator (CC) conducts an assessment, then establishes, carries out, and maintains a care plan to meet each member's needs to maintain his or her health while helping them navigate complex social service and health care delivery systems.

The CC provides the following services for individuals in the SNBC program:

  • Develops and maintains relationships with providers and community partners while advocating for the client
  • Promotes access to and completion of preventive services
  • Refers individuals to mental and physical health programs that are clinically appropriate
  • Provides access to managed care health promotion programs

Johnny’s Story

Johnny has been a managed care member with MHR for three years. When we first met Johnny, he struggled with chemical use and homelessness which made it difficult for him to consistently follow-through with available resources. He reached out a number of times to start the recovery process, but experienced many set-backs that led him back to instability. Frustrated and tired of feeling suicidal, his most recent recovery attempt was in a psychiatric unit. Johnny’s MHR Care Guide was able to advocate for a speedy assessment for chemical dependency treatment and within a week he was approved for and began a long-term treatment program. He was in treatment for over two months and was connected to a therapist and a psychiatrist and began to confront childhood trauma. Following his discharge, he continued with aftercare and solidified his resolve to remain sober.

Today, Johnny reports 10 months of sobriety and with that, increased stability. He is actively involved in his recovery and his future.  Johnny has a job, working about 20 hours per week, he is considering working toward his GED and is actively working on securing a driver’s license. Johnny has other health conditions and finds that with the stability of sobriety, housing and employment, he is able to more effectively manage his overall health. He is future focused, working on saving money to travel to see his new grandchild and visit extended family that he has missed and is not afraid to reach out for help when it is needed.